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Guiding Principles of canuc-paeds

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Project Design


The curriculum will be based on the best practices in medical education.  It will be competency-based, succinct, and practical. 



Curricular Decision Making


Each school will decide how best to use the curriculum and resources to achieve the educational mission of its own institution.  



Cost, Profit, Access


canuc-paeds will be open-access and free for the end user.  Maintenance and delivery of canuc-paeds will not be for profit.  If costs encur for the maintenance and delivery of the curriculum, they will be borne by institutions.  





canuc-paeds will encompass all of undergraduate paediatric medical education.  It will focus on generalism and core paediatric content.  It will have a Canadian context. 





It will be aligned with the Medical Council of Canada objectives, the CanMEDS 2005 competency framework, the National Symposium on Child Health 2006 recommendations, and the Future of Medical Education in Canada 2010 recommendations.  





The objectives, clinical presentations, and foundational knowledge will be bilingual (English and French). Educational resources will be in either English or French.  



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